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Prepaid Mobile Telephony MOBI and Mobile Internet

Joing a Mobi prepaid price plan is a quick and simple way to access many advanced mobile services. To access Slovenia's fastest internet on a mobile device choose our prepaid package which includes a SIM card with 1 day, 30 days, 100 days, or 365 days of internet access.

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Welcome to the family of Naj price plans

Careless communication with Naj price plans
from € 12.99/month.


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4th regular meeting of the Supervisory Board of Telekom Slovenije, d.d.
Telekom Slovenije Group’s business results for the first half of 2020
Telekom Slovenije, d.d., Signs an Agreement on the Sale of Planet TV, televizijska dejavnost d.o.o.
The Strategy of Telekom Slovenije Group for the Period 2021-2025
Telekom Slovenije, d.d., resolves all mutual relations in disputes with the former Management Board members


Connect to Telekom Slovenije network to enjoy the best user experience with the advanced and highly reliable telecommunication services.

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For investors

Click below if you are interested in operations, ownership structure, informatiion about payment of dividends and other relevant content.

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Sustainabiliy report

We integrate the principles of sustainable development in our operation, products and services.

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WiFree Ljubljana

All subscribers to fixed internet, mobile internet, and selected mobile price plans can use the WiFree network free of charge 24h/day.

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