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Mobile telephony

Stay connected with your family, friends and colleagues and save on communication costs with your best mobile service partner − Telekom Slovenije.

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Services and Price Plans

Stay connected with your family, friends and colleagues and save on communication costs with your best mobile service partner − Telekom Slovenije. Join our many satisfied customers that enjoy excellent user experience in Slovenia’s best mobile network, and get plenty of information and support adjusted to your needs and lifestyle.

Select a mobile prepaid Mobi price plan with simple activation, no subscription fee and constant usage control. You can call, text, send multimedia messages, use data transfer, videotelephony, call divert and many other advanced mobile services and access voice and data roaming services with over 400 operators worldwide. You can also choose Prepaid Mobile Internet if you need access to fast internet. With Telekom Slovenije you can also experience the improved and faster data transfer with LTE and 5G technology, also available on prepaid.

If you are a resident or temporary resident in Slovenia you can save by signing up to one of our postpaid price plans, including fully-featured Naj price plans or data-only Mobilni Net price plans and get even more value with bundled volumes.

Spoznaj Mobi

Prepaid mobile telephony and internet

Joining a Mobi prepaid price plan is a quick and simple way to access many advanced mobile services. You can also choose Prepaid Mobile Internet packages and get access to fast internet on your mobile devices.

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Postpaid offer

Carefree communication with Naj price plans and fast internet access with Mobilni Net price plans.

Why Telekom Slovenije

Connect to Telekom Slovenije network to enjoy the best user experience with advanced and highly reliable mobile services at great value.

Highest network reliability and best coverage

compared to other local operators

24/7 Customer Care

also in English, available for prepaid customers in Slovenia (call 121), and from abroad (call +386 41 700 700)

Cutting edge services and technologies

fast internet, latest mobile technology supporting fast data transfer

The most accessible service provider in Slovenia

with numerous Telekom Sales Centres, and over 350 points of sale around Slovenia

Network informations

How to connect to Telekom Slovenije mobile service network?

To connect to Telekom Slovenije network, select the network manually, as follows:

  1. Search the phone settings for available mobile networks/network operators
  2. Select Mobitel from the list of operators displayed
  3. You are connected to Telekom Slovenije network if one of the following appears on your mobile display:​
  • ​​MOBI​TEL​​
  • SI-GSM
  • ​29341​

How to make a phone call​

​Once Mobitel network has been selected, you can call and receive calls within the Telekom Slovenije network and to other networks. To make an international phone call when you're in Slovenia, put the international prefix before the local number you are calling.

Dial the international dialling code '00' or '+', followed by the country code, plus the area code (without the '0’) followed the local number. For example, if y​ou wish to phone Italy, dial + 39 349 1234567 or 00 39 349 1234567.

Mobile network coverage map




Customer Support

For any additional questions or information on the services, visit one of our Telekom Sales Centres or call us at:

We are also available on chat and on our Facebook and Twitter profiles.