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WiFreeLjubljana is a wireless Internet service available to all visitors of Ljubljana city centreWiFree Ljubljana wireless broadband network offers to the visitors and citizens a free daily 60 minute access and the possibility of buying Internet access for a longer period. WiFreeLjubljana network covers the city centre area.


Free until June 30th​ 2023

All subscribers of internet and yougsters at Telekom Slovenije can use the WiFree network free 24h/day during the promotional period until June 30th​ 2023. For free access you need a WiFree code. Subscribers of fixed internet and mobile internet​ can acquire the WiFree code by registering via Moj Telekom portal. Subscribers to fixed internet register to Moj Telekom site, with the WiFree code located at the “Internet” tab. Mobitel Mobile Internet and Itak price plans subscribers can register at Moj Telekom service site and will find the code under “Aplikacije”.


Subscibers of packages for young price plan ​can obtain the WiFree code by texting WIFREE to 1918.


The following sites and portals are freely accessible at all times: www.wifreeljubljana.si, www.telekom.si, www.ljubljana.si, www.visitljubljana.com, www.bicikelj.si, www.jhl.si, www.najdi.si and www.kic-ljubljana.si.

Price list

​WiFree code validity periodPrice including VAT​
​60 minutesfree​
​24 hours​€ 3.99
​7 days​€ 9.99
​30 days​€ 29.99
A WiFree code can be purchased at www.wifreeljubljana.si using VALÚ mobile payment or a credit card.

About access points

Indoor Wi-Fi access point coverage is between 20 and 50 meters from the antenna, while outdoor coverage reaches 100 to 150 meters from the antenna. In practice coverage may vary depending on the physical and environmental conditions on the spot (different mechanical barriers, interference, reflections, weather influences, etc.)

Help and info

To connect to WifreeLjubljana network or get additional info, visit the WiFreeLjubljana web portal.

Partners of WiFreeLjubljana project – The Municipality of Ljubljana, Telekom Slovenije and NIL have employed the most cutting edge technology to enable the Capital citizens and visitors a reliable fast and free internet access which has helped create a friendlier city, placing it in the spotlight on the global technology map.

The WiFree code can be obtained:

  • by registering free of charge with your mobile phone number for a free 60 minute Internet access per day;
  • you can purchase it with VALÚ or a credit card, where you can decide on a 24-hour, 7-day or 30-day package;
  • by purchasing a Ljubljana Tourist Card;
  • by taking part in promotional activities.

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